Informatie over Homeport Yachts

7 Golden Tips
for the buyer of a yacht.

  1. You make an offer on a yacht of your choice (if you wish after consultation with one of our sworn yachtbrokers).

  2. With this offer in the form of a provisional salescontract , you retain the right that this is only valid if the yacht has been found in order after inspection by an independent expert.

  3. Our yachtbroker will do his utmost to bring your offer and the askingprice together.

  4. After reaching a price-agreement you pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price.

  5. By your order the yacht will be inspected within 10 days.

  6. Any discovered essential defects will be reported and repaired by the seller, or in case the yacht is not in order, the deposit will be returned completely.

  7. After possible repairs or settlement of the discovered defects and the payment of the remaining purchase price, you will sail away with a yacht with which you are totally familiar.
Have Fun Sailing
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The art of sailing and selling

We can also arrange for you a pleasant and flexible way of financing and insurance.

Home Port Yachts
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The Art of Sailing and Selling